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What is Chimera Tool?

Chimera Tool is a software that helps you repair errors on your (or your customer’s) phone. It is compatible with more than 5000 models from market-leading brands, including Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Generic, and Vivo phones and many more. With the help of the Chimera Tool, you can execute a lot of actions including, IMEI repair, direct unlock and reading phone’s information.
If you want to perform any kind of function/task at Chimera Tool, its activation known as “Chimera Tool Activation” is must require. You can get these credits for activation from at the lowest price.

Chimera Tool Has 4 Types Of Licenses

  • Tool START
  • Chimera Tool PRO
  • Chimera Tool PREMIUM
  • Chimera Tool Samsung

The specialty of this tool is that you don’t need to be much skillful to use this tool. With the fundamental knowledge of the internet & computer, you can easily use this tool.

Incredible Features of Chimera Tool Activation

Chimera tool Activation
  • Read Codes
  • Factory Reset
  • Root/Unroot
  • Update Firmware
  • Network Unlock
  • Modem Repair
  • Device Information
  • IMEI Repair & MAC
  • Read & Write Certificates
  • Unlock / Relock Mobile Bootloader

Other Amazing features Of Chimera Tool Activation

Reset LCD, Remove Huawei-ID Lock, Save modem calibration, Remove Screen Lock, Repair Device Root Key, Repair MEID, Reset FRP Lock, Restore/Store backup, Reset FRP/Reactivation Lock, Repair EFS, Remove FRP lock, Reset Camera, Reset EE Lock, Reset FRP/Reactivation and Lock – UFS, Set keyboard.

Supported Mobiles For Chimera Tool Activation

Blackberry Mobiles Samsung Mobiles

LG Mobiles Nokia Mobiles

Lenovo Mobiles Xiaomi Mobiles

HTC Mobiles Huawei Mobiles

Get Chimera Tool Activation From at a CHEAP PRICE!

Chimera tool Activation

If you’re looking for the activation of your Chimera tool or account, then you’re at the exact place. is a popular unlocking platform that provides credits & solutions for different kinds of unlocking products like Chimera, FTP, Z3X, ZXW and many more. This platform is known for its reliability and quick services, as well as 100% customer support. Having experience more than ten years, they are known now the industry leaders in this market. Credits for Chimera Tool Activation works directly without hardware. These credits are added to your Chimera account. They require just the username for activation. Don’t wait and get the activation done in some time.

At, you can not only get activation for Chimera Tool but also credits for the activation of Samkey Code Reader, Z3X Server, FTP Dongle, NCK Dongle, Uni-Android, and ZXW Dongle. You can also get unlocking codes for Nokia and HTC Mobiles.

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