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Mobile device diagnostics for shops and repair centers Fast, extensive and easy to use! Just download the desktop application, connect mobile devices via USB and start testing. Our automated and user-assisted tests help you diagnose various software and hardware related errors.

Detailed device information :
26 phone tests

Device grading

E Professional reports

Secure & quick device wipe

Mobile device diagnostics for shops and repair centers:Detailed device information

Fdp 26 phone tests Device grading, record customer details

Professional reports

Secure & quick device wipe

Full support for thousands of Android and iOS models:

Don’t waste your time with multiple software to cover both platforms. M360 is your true, all-in-one tool that supports tens of thousands of devices, starting from Android 4.4 and iOS 10.0, both phones and tablets.

Extensive device information, as soon as you connect :

Reads all available key information from the device, such as

  • IMEI
  • serial number
  • Google Account
  • Samsung Knox Warranty
  • Find my iPhone status
  • battery health
  • storage report
  • and many more – instantly

Fully test devices before you buy, sell or service:

Run several tests to diagnose many aspects of a device.
Each test starts with a detailed description and how-to instructions.
You can choose from your saved test templates or just select tests one by one before you start.

Quick device wipe in seconds or thorough secure wipe:

The secure wipe first erases all personal media and documents, then overwrites everything with random data before it does a factory reset.
By doing so, no personal data can be recovered later from the device.

Device grading, register accessories and save customer data:

  1. Rate the screen
  2. the LCD panel
  3. the case
  4. the back cover’s condition with the traditional A-B-C-D-F system or with our convenient visual method.
  5. Register the list of accessories and attach customer details to a device

Professional test results and detailed work history in the cloud

  • M360 provides you with very detailed reports about the devices and their test results.
  • You can print them, save them, share them online or export to CSV for further processing. Distinctions!

  • Low-price guarantee
  • 10+ years of experience in the field
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